Bonsai on Postage Stamps

Oct 22nd, 2009 | By | Category: Journal

During my research on the history of bonsai, I found a beautiful collection of bonsai postage stamps in the homepage of Phoenix Bonsai Society. While it is not surprising to find bonsai on postage stamps of China, Japan, Hong Kong, or Taiwan, there are some countries that I would have never expected bonsai on their postage stamps, for examples, Maldive Islands, Thailand, and Republic of San Marino. I’ve found this very interesting. I guess bonsai is more popular and widely spread in the world than I have expected.

And while most postage stamps are photos/images of bonsai trees, there are some stamps of the Phila Nippon ’91 Collection with Walt Disney characters demonstrating the arts and crafts of Japan.

All images from Phoenix Bonsai Society

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