Bonsai Pots & Humidity Trays

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Bonsai humidity trays (or drip trays) are important to the health of our bonsai trees for the following reasons.

  • Since all bonsai pots have drainage holes in the bottom, the humidity tray (or drip tray) can hold the excess water and prevent water from dripping on the surface of our windowsill, table, or wherever we put our bonsai trees.
  • Humidity tray can help us create a humid environment for our bonsai trees.  We just have to leave some water in the humidity tray during the day, and let the water in the tray evaporates.  Water evaporating from the humidity tray helps to raise the humidity level around our bonsai trees.
  • With a humidity tray, we can water our bonsai trees at where they are placed instead of taking the bonsai trees to the sink for watering. When we water, we should pour on the top of the potting mix slowly until it penetrates the soil and excess water comes out from the drainage holes in the bottom of the bonsai pot.  This watering method is especially convenient for larger bonsai trees.

There are plastic and clay humidity trays (or drip trays) in multiple sizes and colors available in many online shops that sell bonsai supplies and tools.

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  1. Mark @ Bonsai Dojo says:

    Great article!

    I think a humidity tray is essential if you are keeping a Bonsai indoors for any period of time. I find they just tend to dry out too fast otherwise (and even faster if you have an air conditioner on)

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