Bonsai Pots of Different Materials

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Mica and Plastic Bonsai Pot

Mica bonsai pots are made of 80% mica, 15% polyethylene, and 5% graphite. Mica is a material with a natural ability to stabilize the temperature of the potting soil in the pot. This protects the roots of our bonsai trees from damages caused by cold temperature, as well as promotes healthy root activity during growing season. Because the polyethylene bonds the raw materials together and makes the bonsai pots tough and durable, the bonsai pots made of mica seldom break. And with 5% graphite, mica pots have the appearance of high quality unglazed ceramic potsBonsai-Pot-Clay.

Due to their lightweight and durable nature, bonsai pots made of both mica and plastic are great for bonsai training, as a step towards a smaller pot.

Clay Bonsai Pot

Clay bonsai pots are good for our bonsai trees because of their ability to retain temperatures and release moisture at a constant rate. Clay bonsai pot also allows oxygen to get to the roots of the bonsai tree which is vital for healthy growth.

Here is an article about Yixing zisha bonsai pot.

Porcelain Bonsai Pot

Porcelain pots are not used very often as they are usually fairly expensive. In addition, porcelain pot holds water as they are nonporous. Hence, bonsai artists pot their bonsai trees in porcelain pots more for show than for grow.


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