Bonsai Pots of Different Shapes and Sizes

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Bonsai-tree-potBonsai pots are available in many different shapes, sizes and colors to suit all styles and species of bonsai trees.

Bonsai Pot Size

If the bonsai pot is too small, the bonsai tree will look unbalanced, or even worse, your bonsai tree may be toppled easily. If the bonsai pot is too large, our bonsai tree will look small and insignificant.

Bonsai Pot Shape

There are bonsai pots of many shapes: square, rectangle, round, oval, long oval, octagonal, hexagonal, freehand shapes, shallow trays for forest bonsai, and tall pots for cascade style bonsai trees.

When we choose a bonsai pot for our bonsai tree, we should already have a good idea of the style of our bonsai tree. Is the bonsai tree gentle and flowing? Or is the bonsai tree thick and heavy? A black pine with a thick, strong trunk in the formal upright style would be best suited to a strong angular bonsai pot, such as a square or rectangle bonsai pot with the absolute minimum of decorations or fancy feet. Yet, on the other hand, a soft bonsai tree such as an azalea, would look best in a gentle curvy, glazed bonsai pot, with some fine engravings.

Bonsai-Pot-Clay Bonsai-Pot-Clay Bonsai-Pot-Clay

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