Choosing Your Bonsai Pots

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Choosing the right bonsai pot for our bonsai tree is an art in itself. It must be the right shape, size, and color for it to bring out the full beauty of our bonsai tree. Bonsai pots have a huge impact on bonsai trees and can either compliment the trees or detract from them. There are many rules-of-thumb and different conventions for the choice of bonsai pot, but at the very end, it is the experienced eye of the bonsai artist that determines what the best is.


All bonsai pots must have drainage holes, as well as a tray underneath the bonsai pot to allow for overflow.  For more details, check out this article – Bonsai Pot Drainage – A Must for All Bonsai Trees.


All bonsai pots should have feet so that the base of the bonsai pot stands clear of the display stand. This allows for free airflow around the base of the bonsai pot, and will increase the chances of a healthy bonsai tree.


Unglazed Interior

Bonsai pots should be unglazed on the inside as this helps to keep the bonsai tree stable in the bonsai pot. This is especially important when the roots have grown sufficiently to come into contact with the sides of the bonsai pot.


The bonsai pots must be frost-proof if the bonsai trees are to be placed outdoor in colder climate. Hence, the bonsai pots should be made from stoneware or porcelain. Bonsai pots made of other materials such as plastic is fine as well, yet, they are best suited for bonsai beginners as training pots for their bonsai trees. Eventually, most of us graduate to stoneware or porcelain bonsai pots, as they give our bonsai trees far superior appearances.

Size and Shape

The bonsai pots that we buy for our bonsai trees should be big and strong enough to hold our bonsai trees. It would be a waste of time and money if the bonsai pot we have prepared does not support the weight of our bonsai tree. For more details, check out this article –
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There are many colors of bonsai pots available. When we choose a bonsai pot for our bonsai tree, we want to pick a bonsai pot that complements the look of our bonsai tree. We should be aware that some species have foliage that change color in different seasons. Hence, we should take this into account with our specific type of bonsai tree.

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