Soil Mix and Fertilizer for Mini Bonsai

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The correct potting mixture is vital for the survival of our bonsai tree. The mix should be very fine, especially for our mini bonsai since everything of these bonsai trees is so small and refined.

Repot our Mini Bonsai

Because the size of the bonsai pot for mini bonsai is very small, the amount of soil is also very little. In this case, our mini bonsai exhaust their soil rather quickly, and the soil will lose its fertility very early, much earlier than those bigger bonsai. Therefore, we should repot our mini bonsai more frequently than we do repotting for our normal bonsai trees.

When we repot our mini bonsai, we should prune the roots of our mini bonsai tree by a third. We should also prune off about half of the leaves of the bonsai tree so to reduce the water demand of the tree from its newly trimmed root system.

Check this article for more details on Training & Pruning Small Bonsai Trees.

Fertilizer for our Mini Bonsai

Since bonsai trees as small as shohin bonsai and mame bonsai do not have a lot of growth to support, fertilizer should be used carefully. We should use dilute fertilizers for our mini bonsai trees, and should apply fertilizer sparingly. Diluted liquid fertilizer is the best for mini bonsai trees like mame bonsai and shohin bonsai, and should be applied once per week, from late spring to autumn, just like our normal bonsai trees.

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