Happy Bonsai is my website where I share the tips and techniques of growing bonsai with all other bonsai lovers. Besides bonsai techniques, you will also find lots of great background information about bonsai, such as the history of bonsai, various bonsai styles, and different species of bonsai trees.

About Sandy W

Happy Bonsai Sandy WMy passion in bonsai is initiated by my love of the nature, as well as my curiosity in this incredible living art form. Since the day I became an apprentice of the Lingnan penjing master, Mr. Wong Chiu Shing, I have been learning and picking up bonsai skills and techniques quite intensively. The learning curve is steep, and Teacher Wong is a perfectionist (so as all other bonsai masters I bet). Yet, nevertheless, I am very grateful with my apprenticeship, which has opened my eyes to the fascinating world of bonsai.