Buddhist Pine

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Podocarpus macrophyllus is one of the first few bonsai tree species that I learned about when I first put my feet in the bonsai world. Podocarpus macrophyllus is native to China and Japan. While the tree is called Kasamaki or Inumaki in Japanese, Podocarpus macrophyllus is also commonly called as Buddhist Pine, a literal translation of the tree’s Chinese name – Luo Han Song (羅漢松).

Leaves, Flowers & Fruits

bonsai tree Buddhist Pine

Buddhist Pine has narrow, elliptical leaves that are stiff in texture and spirally crowded together. The tree’s cone-shaped flowers are unisexual. While male cones are yellowish brown, female are greenish.

bonsai tree Buddhist Pine bonsai tree Buddhist Pine bonsai tree Buddhist Pine

The oval-shaped fruit which seated on thick fleshy receptacle turns reddish/purplish when ripened, which looks like a little Buddha meditating with a reddish/purplish rope on.


While Buddhist Pine loves full sun, it can tolerate partial shade, which makes this conifer a nice indoor bonsai tree.

bonsai tree Buddhist Pine

by Mr. Wu Cheng-Fa

Illegal Digging

Recent years, there have been many cases of Buddhist Pines being illegally harvested. As China’s economy thrives, the demand of Buddhist Pine, which is viewed as a lucky charm, rises. A single Buddhist Pine can fetch up to HKD $100,000 (around USD $13,000). The high profits from illegal tree-harvesting have attracted many illegal mainlanders to come to Hong Kong, dig out and smuggle the trees back to China.

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  1. Bradley Nguyen says:

    Hello there,

    My name is Bradley Nguyen. My father has about 100 trees of those about 25 years old. We currently immigrant to US and neede to sell/ give away those tree. Some of them dying due to lack of caring. Please contact me if you know people whose interesting

  2. Pranab Chatterjee says:

    I like old bonsai trees very much. But cannot afford the required money.

  3. Pranab Chatterjee says:

    I like old bonsai trees very much. But cannot afford the required money. – Pranab.

  4. Muoi Nguyen says:

    Hi Bradley Nguyen,
    I always love planting old Bonsai particularly Buddhist Pine or Japanese Maple. I read your post late so I wonder if you still have these bonsai trees any longer, but I’m making my effort to contact to you if you still have them in Viet Nam. I would love to buy them back with affordable price.
    Please contact me at muoi26@yahoo.com
    Thank you

  5. Rev Richard T Rodriguez says:

    Dear Bradley, I would be interested in one of the smaller size Buddha Pine.. Can I hear from you if you have such plant to offer. Thank you. I would like to give the plant to some Vietnamese Carmelite Sister. I would also take one for myself, if that were possible.

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