Chi Lin Nunnery – A Must-go for All Bonsai Lovers in Hong Kong

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Every once a while, I receive emails from bonsai lovers or family / friends of some bonsai lovers asking me for suggestions of sightseeing location in Hong Kong.  Of course, they are not expecting answers like Ocean Park or Times Square, but somewhere with trees and bonsai pots and accessories that can make bonsai lovers all happy and excited.  And one of the few places that I would suggest is Chi Lin Nunnery.

You can find more photos in the album of Chi Lin Nunnery – Bonsai Garden in Hong Kong in Happy Bonsai Gallery.

Chi Lin Nunnery is located in Kowloon.  The closet subway station is Diamond Hill.

hong-kong-bonsai-garden hong-kong-bonsai-garden
Chi Lin Nunnery does not have the largest bonsai collection, but the trees that grow in the nunneary are so beautiful.  When I was in there, I felt like I was in a magnified landscape bonsai.

In Chi Lin Nunnery, trees that are grow on the ground are also trimmed beautifully, as those in a bonsai pot.

hong-kong-bonsai-garden hong-kong-bonsai-garden
Besides bonsai trees, there are also a suiseki gallery.

hong-kong-bonsai-garden hong-kong-bonsai-garden hong-kong-bonsai-garden
Some beautiful bonsai in the nunnery.
RIGHT: This Fire-thorn ( Pyracantha crenulata, 火棘 in Chinese) is protected by a tent so to avoid the birds from eating the fruits on the tree.

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