Figurines in Penjing

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Taken in Bonsai Exhibition of 2010 Hong Kong Flower Show

As mentioned in an earlier post – Chinese Penjing & Japanese Bonsai, one of the major difference between Chinese penjing and Japanese bonsai is the scope of these two related art forms. With the meaning of the words – “bonsai” (盆栽) and “penjing” (盆景), it is clear that while the Japanese bonsai is focusing on the creation of a perfect tree, the Chinese penjing is more of reproducing a miniature natural scene. Many of the elaborate tray sceneries created by Chinese artists clearly defy the parameters of bonsai.

So, Chinese penjing is a little less “strict” and often involves the use of rocks, small figurines and mudmans, multiple trees, and water to complete the illusion of a landscape in a bonsai pot or on a marble slab. Little clay structures like huts, pagodas, boats and bridges are also often use in penjing. And with these traces of human existence that are frequently found in many Chinese painting, the close connection between penjing and painting is obvious.


Taken in 2009 Guangzhou Penjing (Bonsai) Exhibition


Taken in 2009 Guangzhou Penjing (Bonsai) Exhibition

Figurines have always had a place in Chinese penjing as an aesthetic contribution. In an effort to capture the realism of a favorite scenic view, an intricate part would involve the use of figurines of people, animals, huts and temples, to give an appearance of great age and size to the miniature forests.

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  1. Mangala Rao says:

    It is interesting to know about Chinese and Japanese Penjing. By seeing the pictures one can imagine that how figurines enhance the aesthetic and natural feelings in the creation of Penging .

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