Good Fun with Figurines in Bonsai

Jan 18th, 2011 | By | Category: Bonsai Figurines, Gallery

Penjing lovers like using bonsai figurines to decorate their penjing (bonsai in Chinese).  Most of these figurines are the traditional Chinese clay figurines of historical or mythology figures.  But in the 1st Institute of Lingnan Penjing Competition, I found that beside my use of Doraemon in my penjing, some of my penjing club fellow members also used figurines for their bonsai decoration in some fun, creative ways.

Very tiny these figurines are.  Yet, nevertheless, these full-of-details figurines haven’t failed to meet our expectation and bring in life and vivid scenes in our bonsai.

Traditional Chinese figurines always look great in penjing 🙂

For more photos of the 1st Institute of Lingnan Penjing Competition, you can visit Happy Bonsai Gallery.

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