CBS – The Growing Fascination with Bonsai

Apr 23rd, 2010 | By | Category: Style

In this program, CBS Sunday Morning explains what bonsai is, the difference between Japanese bonsai and Chinese penjing, as well as how the art of bonsai is introduced to the United States. This program of bonsai is a short, yet, well explained one, giving the viewers a quick and clear idea of what bonsai really is.

I hope there will be more programs, like this one, introducing the art of bonsai to more people. One may get hooked onto a lifetime fascination by merely a short TV program, or a few words of a friend, or even just a whimsy idea while shopping in a mall. Who knows. A program like this one or a website like Happy Bonsai may get a few more people fall in love and get addicted to these small wonders of nature.

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