Learning the art of penjing (bonsai in Chinese) is not only about acquiring knowledge in cutting and trimming trees, but also about learning how to appreciate fine bonsai pots, beautiful figurines, the art of suiseki, paintings, and many other art forms. The more I learn penjing from Teacher Wong, the more my interest in Chinese ceramics and potteries grows and deepens. These fine art pieces should not only be recognized by Chinese art lovers, but also be introduced and shared with all other bonsai lovers and ceramic art fans all over the world.

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Chinese Bonsai Pot Bonsai Mudman Figurine Bonsai Display Stand
Bonsai Display Stand Bonsai Display Stand Bonsai Mudman Figurine


Chinese Bonsai PotWhy is Yixing Zisha Pot So Good?
A lot of us have heard about Yixing zisha clay – the famous clay from the Yixing region of Jiangsu Province in Central China from which the finest bonsai pots and teapots have been made for centuries. Yet, not many of us know why Yixing zisha pots are so highly valued and tremendously favorable for our bonsai trees. Here is a list of advantages when we use Yixing zisha pots for our bonsai trees.

– Porous Nature – Excellent in Moisture Absorption and VentilationChinese Bonsai Pot
– Natural Colored – No Toxic Elements
– Earth Toned Color – Great Match with Bonsai
– Low Shrinkage Rate – Make Possible of Finely Detailed, Beautiful Craftsmanship
– High Mineral and Metal Content – Strong and Damage Resistant

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Chinese Bonsai Pot


Happy Bonsai Featured Pottery Artist – Ying Shao-Ching
For over 25 years, Yixing pottery artist Ying Shao-Ching has refined his skills working with Yixing zisha clay. Ying’s commitment to high quality and fine details has won Ying a reputation in the zisha pottery world.

We are very lucky that we have met and made good friends with this celebrated artist. And with a strong relationship built between Ying and us, we can now bring some of Ying’s beautiful work to our customers.

Bonsai Pottery Artist - Mr. Ying

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