How to Keep a Rock Standing in Landscape Penjing

Nov 2nd, 2010 | By | Category: Bonsai How To, Featured Articles

A reader asked how to keep the rock standing in landscape bonsai after reading my post – How to Choose Rocks for Landscape Bonsai.  Here I would like to answer Kamini’s question and show how can we keep a rock standing stably in our landscape penjing.

landscape bonsai rock

Once all the shaping and cutting of the rock for our landscape bonsai are done, we are ready to make a base for the rock.  We make the base out of cement.  First, cover the ground with some newspaper.  Then, we hang the rock with a rope and have it stands with the tip barely touching the ground.  The rock should be standing exactly like how we want it to be in our landscape bonsai.  If we want the rock tilt at an angle, we should make the adjustment now.  We need to get a balance on the size of the cement base.  While we want the cement base to be as small as possible so to have the rock fits in any pot we want, we must make sure the cement base is big enough to support the rock steadily in our landscape bonsai for the years to come.

landscape bonsai rock

Cement dries in a day, at most two.  The photo above shows how the cement base looks like when it is dried.

Rock for landscape bonsai Landscape Bonsai

Once we have added soil and moss, the cement will not be seen.

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  1. Kamini says:

    Thank you very much. I was thinking of using some mold but this is easy way. I will send you the picture of my creation after i finish, I have found one good rock for this landscape bonsai..

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