1st Institute of Lingnan Penjing Competition

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As a step to promote penjing (bonsai in Chinese) to the public and add some spice and fun for our club members, Institute of Lingnan Penjing, Hong Kong (香港嶺南盆景藝術學會) held its 1st internal competition on December 12, 2010 at its workshop in Yuen Long.  Every penjing club member was requested to participate in the competition.  While every member must bring at least one penjing for competition / display, one could bring and show as many penjing as he/she wanted.   For simplicity’s sake, there were only two categories in this competition – penjing less than 30cm and penjing over 30cm.  While penjing of all sizes and styles were welcome, penjing-in-a-bottle, the non-traditional penjing / bonsai style, could not enter the competition, but only qualified for display.

Because of an important appointment on the same day, I couldn’t attend the whole event but only the setup stage of the competition.  I missed not only the competition winner announcement, but also the pot-luck style luncheon afterward.  That’s too bad for me 🙁

This beautiful piece is made by Teacher Wong.  Teacher Wong calls this type of penjing “瓶景”, and I call it “penjing-in-a-bottle”.

This is my penjing-in-a-bottle, titled “The Adventure of Wherever Door – The World inside the Goldfish”.

You can find more information about the blue creature in my penjing (it’s called Doraemon by the way) in this post – Modern Bonsai – Doraemon Bonsai.

For more photos of the 1st Institute of Lingnan Penjing Competition, you can visit Happy Bonsai Gallery.

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