Kaori Yamada (山田香織) – A Key Contributor to Saika Bonsai

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Kaori Yamada (山田香織)

Put aside the argument of whether or not Saika Bonsai style is real bonsai, Saika Bonsai (彩花盆栽) has surely given the ancient bonsai art a refreshing look. And Kaori Yamada (山田香織) – the daughter of one of the most famous bonsai artists in Japan – definitely is one of the most prominent in Saika Bonsai art.

Kaori Yamada is famous not only as a bonsai artist, but also as a TV personality (she started to appear on TV hobby programs as a bonsai instructor in 2002), an author, and bonsai teacher, with her school based in her home in Omiya, Saitama Prefecture. All this exposure has made her the face of the new generation of bonsai artists in Japan.

Kaori Yamada is very different from the other famous bonsai artists in her country. For one thing, she is a woman, pursuing an art form that has been predominant by men for centuries. Maybe it is the bonsai style of Kaori Yamada and the ambiance of her bonsai workshops, Yamada’s workshops are proven popular, especially among young women. And since Kaori Yamada is young (32 years old), she understand very well the busy lifestyle and mentality of the younger generation today.

Many people find no interest in bonsai due to their perception that bonsai is a hobby of elderly man that requires tremendous skills and patience. But Saika Bonsai has made bonsai art more approachable, manageable, and hence, more appealing to the younger generation. Okay, Saika Bonsai may have twisted the ancient bonsai art a bit too far. But the attention on bonsai art that Kaori Yamada has gotten from the younger generation and the interests and involvement that Kaori Yamada has generated are awesome. For this, I would like to give Kaori Yamada a big round of applause.

Here are an interview with Kaori Yamada of Seikouen and a basic introduction of the make and care of bonsai (in both Japanese and English).

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