Modern Bonsai – Doraemon Bonsai

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Modern Bonsai - Doraemon Bonsai

Bonsai (or Penjing in Chinese) is the art of aesthetic miniaturization of trees and plants, recreating the beautiful scenery we find in nature in pots and trays.

So even though this tabletop garden doesn’t look like anything close to those potted trees and landscapes that we usually call as bonsai, I really think that this is a bonsai, for it is reliving a scene in the nature. Ok, we probably can’t find Doraemon in our world, but let’s use a little of our imagination. And didn’t we all want a Doraemon when we were kids? In fact, I still want one now… haha

Modern Bonsai - Doraemon Bonsai

Doraemon Bonsai - close up

Modern Bonsai - Doraemon Bonsai

Doraemon Bonsai - from the top

For those who don’t know who Doraemon is…

Doraemon is a cat-like robot from the 22nd century, who got sent back in time by the great-great-grandson of a Japanese schoolboy, Nobita, to save Nobita from all the bad luck and mispahs he creates himself. Doraemon has a 4D pocket on his abdomen from which he can pull out all kind of amazing gadgets. And the pink door in my Doraemon Bonsai is one of the gadgets that Doraemon and Nobita often use. It is called Dokodemo Doa (literally means “Wherever Door”). Basically, it can bring you to wherever you want. All you have to do is to say the name of the place you wish to go when you open and walk pass the door. Isn’t this just wonderful!?

Here is a good website in English with greater details of Doraemon, and here is the official Doraemon website (in Japanese only). And here is an Doraemon article in Time Asia edition.

Modern Bonsai - Doraemon Bonsai

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  2. krista says:

    I need to know how often to water it looks like mine is going to die. i was told to water once a month

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