More Bonsai Trees on My Rack

Feb 16th, 2010 | By | Category: Journal

I have dug out and potted three bonsai trees that I have bought earlier. When I bought these bonsai trees in the early winter, they were rooted in the ground. Since spring comes early in Hong Kong, now is just the right time to pot these bonsai trees.

bonsai-tree-rack bonsai-tree-rack

This is a Chinese Elm, and I am intended to grow this tree into the semi-cascade style.  In fact, to be more specific, I want to cultivate this Chinese Elm into a “海底捞月” (literally means scooping the moon from the ocean).

bonsai-tree-rack bonsai-tree-rack

This is an Eugenia uniflora (aka Surinam cherry), and obviously, this tree is perfect for the informal upright style.


And the bonsai tree on the left is another Chinese Elm that can be train into the informal upright style as well.

If you want to see how my rack looked earlier, you can check this article – Finally Got My Bonsai Rack.

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