Sealing Cuts of Bonsai Trees

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Sealing Cuts of Bonsai Trees
Most of us use bonsai pruning compound (or bonsai cut sealer) to seal the wound of the trunk or branch after we prune our bonsai tree with shears or cutters. Bonsai pruning sealer helps the cut area to retain the valuable moisture required to heal the cut properly and minimize the scar. And moreover, it prevents diseases and insects from affecting our bonsai tree after pruning. So, bonsai pruning sealer is great, a must-have for all bonsai growers.

Sealing Cuts of Bonsai Trees Sealing Cuts of Bonsai Trees

But, what’s even better than pruning sealer in retaining moist and minimizing the scar of the cut area is aluminum foil tape. Unlike pruning sealer, aluminum foil doesn’t need any time to dry. Hence, we do not have to worry if it gets rainy right after we seal the cuts on our bonsai trees in the garden. In addition, since aluminum foil can protect the cut on the bonsai tree from the sun and keep more moist, the wound often heals faster and nicer than with bonsai pruning sealer.

Sealing Cuts of Bonsai Trees Sealing Cuts of Bonsai Trees Sealing Cuts of Bonsai Trees

We should use aluminum foil instead of pruning sealer especially when the cut wound on the bonsai tree is big. On the other hand, when the wound is very small, such as a cut on a small branch of a mini bonsai tree, we should use pruning sealer instead. Aluminum foil cannot stick on an area very well if it is cut into a piece too small (< 5mm).

Sealing Cuts of Bonsai Trees

This is a cut that has healed very nicely, with a flat, natural look.

Sealing Cuts of Bonsai Trees Sealing Cuts of Bonsai Trees

And here are some ugly ones. People can easily tell that a cut has been made on the bonsai tree.

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  1. alon says:

    great tip !

    10x very much

  2. Satish says:

    What is other substitute of sealing compound.can melted wax be used.such points are very helpful.

  3. I got a tree from a supermarket. They seem to have butchered it, they have cut the biggest branches off to get it into a box……. my question is, can I do anything to get them to grow again ????

  4. Sandy Sandy says:

    Yes, of course. The fastest way to have your tree growing is to plant it in the ground just like other trees, instead of in a pot. You can then repot the tree once it has grown to the size you want.

  5. Jessica says:

    How long will it take with the foil tape for the cut spot to heal compared to the sealant puddy?

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