Can’t Wait! Want My Bonsai Trees Grow Faster!

May 31st, 2011 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Journal

As you may know, I have a piece of 10 x 10 square feet land and a rack in the bonsai workshop (for more, check out the post My Bonsai Land Update – What is the Black Cloth for? and More Bonsai Trees on My Rack). I am growing a few big trees that need thicker trunks and more branch in the ground and putting the rest of my trees on the rack.

Grow Bonsai Tree Faster Grow Bonsai Tree Faster
My bonsai rack and land (photos taken in early May 2011)

Among those on the rack, there were several big trees that I thought might have developed enough and could be potted for the final stage of development (development of fine branches).  However, a year has passed and these trees haven’t grown much.  I guess I probably have potted them a bit too early.  So I decided to take these bonsai trees out from the pot and train them on the ground again.  Hopefully, these trees will have their branches developed and can be potted in 2 years.

Grow Bonsai Tree Faster Grow Bonsai Tree Faster

Grow Bonsai Tree Faster
We can tell that the trees haven’t developed much in the past year with these photos (photo at the bottom is taken in early May 2011). Besides having a bit more foliage (mostly unwanted), the trees have not developed any suitable branches.

Grow Bonsai Tree Faster Grow Bonsai Tree Faster Grow Bonsai Tree Faster
The tree surrounded with bricks in the middle is a bonus.  It has been here before I moved my trees in.

Grow Bonsai Tree Faster

2 Comments to “Can’t Wait! Want My Bonsai Trees Grow Faster!”

  1. John says:

    We are all like this. lol
    I can’t wait too. It’s always feed, feed, feed, water water water, grow grow grow.


  2. emmanuel says:

    i noticed that most of the time, the first year and sometimes even the second after repotting,
    nothing really starts. Of course, buds and leaves go out and it is a normal year.
    And suddenly, after 18 ou 24 months, it just bursts vigorously.
    Maybe, all conditions are not met in your garden, soil too heavy for instance.
    It would be nice that you post a comment if it changed recently.
    take care, emmanuel

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